You’re Beautiful



6 or 7 years ago I went to Los Angeles to visit my good friend, Kevin, who was an editor for the movie Mr. Brooks, directed by Kevin Costner.

He had friends that were in show biz, so one night we went to some lounge club where celebrities hung out.

It was surreal. There were paparazzi outside the club, scanning faces to see if anyone was famous. No pictures of us were taken.

That night I saw a bunch of celebrities. It was bizarre. Jessica Simpson popped into the place with like 5 people and a lady, who I guessed was her mom.  She brought homely cheer to the place. It must have been J.S.’s birthday, because she was opening up presents and taking a lot of pictures.

(I didn’t know that many celebrities use the back door–because all the ones I saw just appeared from the back of the club.)

No one was allowed to take pictures, but because J.S. was who she was, no one said anything to her.


Some time passed and my friend’s girlfriend had gone to the bathroom and come back. She said,

“Guess who was just in the bathroom? Jessica Simpson!”

She told us that she guessed J.S. thought that there was no one in the bathroom while my friend’s girlfriend was in the stall.

When my friend came out of the stall, she saw and heard Jessica Simpson say in front of the mirror,

“God I am so ugly!”

I was was surprised.  She looked so happy celebrating her birthday and taking pictures with her family. I figured that someone with her fame and success would be confident and self-accepting.


There is power in the words, “I am.” As you probably already know, these are strong words of self-hypnosis. They are a command; ideas directed to ourselves to be and think and feel whatever it is we choose. But what often happens is that we think by default and not with a deliberate awareness.


All of us have an inner child who resides in our heart. It feels better when we are gentle with ourselves and say nice words to that creative wonderful child from within.

If we are nice to ourselves we will treat others nicely and expect others to be nice to us. Our experience in life will be more pleasurable when we learn the language of kindness.


Any time you are feeling in a negative way, acknowledge the thoughts that are influencing you to feel this way and then intend to refocus them towards what it is you want to feel, towards the positive.

For example, “I feel tired and sleepy but I want to feel like I am energized and in a good mood. Maybe I need a nap.”

“I feel ugly. I hate my body. I want to learn to feel beautiful.  I want to love myself. I don’t know how but I want to find a way.”

“I feel sick right now but It’s ok. I want to feel like I am getting better, healthier. I have a strong immune system and it’s helping me get better.”

The phrase,”I want to…” helps us to clarify our desires and refocus our  attention on what it is that we want.

Saying, “I don’t know how I will figure this out but I want to find a way” helps to open ourselves towards a solution mindset, one that we may not receive that day, but the answer always arrives, sooner or later: ask and you shall receive.


If I were to talk to all the people out there who feel not so good about themselves, I would like to say this: you are beautiful. You are perfect.  You are here for a divine reason. You are here to create in ways special to just you. You are unique and you are here to have fun. You are here to grow and expand, to give and receive love.  But takes time learning to love yourself.

Practice observing what you already like about you, the aspects of your personality and your talents; what is working in your physical body, the myriad of complex processes that your body performs  effortlessly in order for you to be alive.

I don’t always love myself but I am improving. I’m getting better at catching myself. It helps to acknowledge these negative thoughts, be aware that I am going down a thinking path that doesn’t feel good; then I create the intention to realign myself with my deeper inner being, which for me, means to close my eyes for a moment and breathe in and out slowly and try to connect with that good positive feeling of inner peace. I’m getting better. It takes practice.

Sometimes, I need a nap, or a walk, or to eat or drink water or watch a movie or practice my martial arts, but if I am at work, I might need to focus on my breathing as much as I can and/or deliberately say to myself, “I’m going to have fun today at work no matter what.”


One thing that will help is this: when You look in the mirror, no matter where you are, look at yourself in the eyes and give yourself a big smile.

Evidence suggests that smiling at yourself in the mirror is a way to create happy feelings. It is a simple practice that will aid in the habit of loving and accepting yourself more and more.

Is that you in the mirror? Smile and share a comment or a question bellow. Feel free to share this article on Facebook.

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